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HSBC strings up small business while RBS relents

This week in the personal and business bank account world one major high street bank hangs a small business out to dry while another shows some mercy.

There’s just no pleasing some when it comes to banking

Seems like nobody’s happy nowadays when it comes to the nation’s banks, judging how the news of the past week has been rife with anger and resentment.

Switch accounts all you like – inflation is still too high

I’ve got good news and bad news for you: there’s new guidelines for switching bank accounts, but inflation is so high good luck finding a high interest rate!

MPs agree UK banks should be ringfenced

Large numbers of MPs have come together in support of separating retail banks from their investment banking counterparts as a safeguarding measure.

Small firms need loans – and the Government listens?

It looks like the Government really does have the best interests of small businesses in mind – if the news of £1 billion in Government funding isn’t too good to be true, that is.

Barclays bears brunt of consumer and government backlash

More bad news for Barclays: in the wake of the Libor price-fixing scandal that left such a bad taste the mouths of many, customers are prepared to leave in droves just as the government continues to investigate it for unrelated matters.

No good news for savers or small business owners looking for finance

It’s bad news all over this week, as small business owners looking for finance and personal banking customers trying to make their savings pots grow are both hung out to dry by the UK banking industry yet again.

Less than one in 10 get a small business loan, survey says

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your high street branch: a new survey says that less than one in 10 SMEs looking for finance at their bank or building society actually walk out with a business loan.