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Banks slash interest rates on savings accounts across the UK

Banks and building societies across the UK have given it to the nation’s savers on the chin once more, with interest rates being slashed on scores of products.

Complaints against banks on the rise, customers furious

The financial ombudsman released new figures concerning the worst banks in the UK in terms of number of complaints – and it’s clear customers have had enough.

Good news for savers and current account holders alike

It’s a rare week when I don’t have anything to complain about, but here it is: whether you’ve got a savings account or a current account, things are looking up.

Banks give with one hand, take away with the other

Personal and business bank account providers do their best to keep their customers on their toes – even as some make their offerings better, others get worse.

RBS, Barclays unsurprisingly caught up in more trouble

Some days it doesn’t rain but it pours – and if you’re either Royal Bank of Scotland or Barclays this week you know that feeling all too well.

HSBC strings up small business while RBS relents

This week in the personal and business bank account world one major high street bank hangs a small business out to dry while another shows some mercy.

Multiple RBS embarrassments destroy its reputation further

When it rains it pours for RBS: not one but two major fiascoes have sent the beleaguered bank scrambling to apologise and regroup.