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Barclays chief turned down HSBC role, cited too much time spent abroad

John Varley, who recently announced his his impending retirement from his chief executive role at Barclays, revealed that he had been offered the role of chairman at its main competitor, but declined after learning the position would lead to a large amount of time spent traveling abroad.

Lloyds closes its business bank account operation in Ireland

Lloyds Banking Group has recently reported its intention to discontinue its its business banking operations in Ireland, effectively fleeing a country already experiencing severe economic distress.

Barclays says no to meeting loan targets set by government

According to a recently published report, UK banking industry giant Barclays will not be signing up to any lending targets instituted by the Coalition government in order to discourage irresponsible personal and business loan approvals.

Business bank accounts form taskforce to fight government criticism

The CEOs of the six biggest business bank accounts in Britain have banded together and formed a taskforce to strike back against recent criticism from the coalition government regarding their business lending practices.