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Banks give with one hand, take away with the other

Personal and business bank account providers do their best to keep their customers on their toes – even as some make their offerings better, others get worse.

Lloyds TSB, Halifax disregard their customers

Bad news this week as not one but two major banking providers go forward with plans to completely disregard the needs of their customers.

Good luck to you if you’re looking for a return on savings

If you’re looking for a way to grow your savings pots in the current economy, good luck to you: banks and building societies are slashing rates left and right!

Savers tired of vanishing bonus rates on their accounts

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you’re most likely tired of having to play games with your savings accounts when the bonus interest rate falls off.

Inflation and George Osborne let down savers once again

Rising inflation and Chancellor George Osborne’s latest Budget have coincided to make things just that much harder for savers trying to put money aside.

NS&I to boost its cash ISA rates in wake of FLS

While the Funding for Lending scheme has wreaked havoc on the interest rates offered to savers, National Savings & Investments has said it will boost its ISAs.

Funding for Lending ruins cash ISA interest rates

The interest rates carried by cash ISAs in the UK are being driven down by a government scheme designed to provide more affordable mortgages and business loans.

ISA contribution limit to be increased by 2.1 per cent

Next April contribution limits on ISAs will be increased by 2.1 per cent, according to Chancellor Osborne’s recent Autumn Statement.

Inflation rate rises, ruins the day of many a saver

With the cost of living increasing this week, a nation of already beleaguered savers are fit to be tied as the returns on their savings products face erosion.