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Losers emerge in the wake of current account switching

The writing is definitely on the wall for some banks after the new current account switching rules have gone into effect, and the common scrawled word is loser.

Switch your current account if you’re unhappy, experts say

If you’re unhappy with the current account you’ve got at the moment, don’t simply leave your money to languish there, as experts say that you should switch providers if you feel the need.

AA Savings fires new salvo in the easy access cash ISA wars

A new salvo was fired in the easy access cash ISA wars, this time from a new 3.5 per cent interest rate deal from AA Savings.

Santander tries to sweeten the deal for account switchers

One High Street provider of personal and business bank accounts has attempted to sweeten the deal with account switchers by joining forces with comparison site Moneysupermarket.com, experts say.