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Online banking for kids: why let adults have all the “fun?”

In a move that must surely be the result of some febrile mind somewhere, Halifax has come up with a new service: online banking for children.

Lloyds TSB, Halifax disregard their customers

Bad news this week as not one but two major banking providers go forward with plans to completely disregard the needs of their customers.

Lloyds TSB bins their Premier current accounts in New Year

Come 1 January 2013, one major high street financial service provider will no longer be offering its Premier current accounts to its customers.

Don’t bother with bonus interest rates, savers are warned

Savers were warned this week to steer clear of bank accounts that carry bonus interest rates, as many are no longer cost-effective in any way, shape, or form.

Interest rates still unclear for more than 50% of savers

A recently conducted research survey recently discovered that interest rates on savings accounts available in the UK are still unclear for more than half of the nations savers, while nearly two out of every three are unsure if their banks are offering them the best rates.

Current account customers leave big banks in droves

Current account customers have been leaving big High Street banks in droves in a search for more ethical financial service providers in the wake of so many of the problems recently plaguing the retail banking sector.

Halifax bribing current account switchers with $100 bonus

One taxpayer-backed retail bank has chosen to once more resort to the most successful strategy in recruiting new current account customers: bribe them with a £100 bonus to switch.

With inflation dropping, it’s important to find a high-paying account

With inflation dropping to 4.0 per cent last month, savers now have an excellent opportunity to make real returns on their savings accounts for the first time in quite a long time.

Banks slash rates even further on top accounts

It looks like the news that the nation’s inflation rate dropped hit none too soon, as banks and building societies have slashed rates even further on some of their top accounts.

Fixed rate bonds the latest casualty in war against savers

The war against savers reached a new height recently, as it was recently revealed that several financial service providers in the UK have been binning fixed rate bonds left and right.