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Barclays cuts fees whilst Metro Bank hikes its own

Well here’s a queer switch: it turns out a High Street bank is slashing its fees even as a new upstart bank billed as a no-fee alternative increases its own!

Lloyds sells again, Virgin Money throws hat in ring

The news has been all current accounts all the time this week, as it came to light that Lloyds TSB will start selling again and Virgin Money is launching.

Multiple RBS embarrassments destroy its reputation further

When it rains it pours for RBS: not one but two major fiascoes have sent the beleaguered bank scrambling to apologise and regroup.

Metro Bank opens new branch amidst competitor closures

Even as its competitors continue to close their own branches, one new provider of personal and business bank accounts has recently opened its newest, bringing it to a sum total of 11.

HSBC crippled by two hour loss of service recently

One of the largest providers of personal and business bank accounts in the UK suffered a crippling loss of service recently, as all of their computerised systems crashed catastrophically, only to be regained after around two hours.

Use of debit cards has rocketed this past year

The use of debit cards by consumers has rocketed this past year says the UK Payments Council, the strategic payment systems oversight organisation.

UK consumers turning to debit cards as cash alternative, figures show

An increasing number of UK consumers have been turning to their debit cards in order to make purchases instead of resorting to carrying cash, according to new figures recently released by the Payments Council.