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Inflation drop puts ISA rates in reach of real returns

With February’s drop in the inflation rate to 3.4 per cent, the highest-paying instant access cash ISA savings products are now offering real returns to savers, experts say.

Card fraud losses drop to £341 million in 2011

While credit card fraud remains a problem in the UK, losses from fraudulent activities made on credit and debit cards fell in 2011 to £341 million, sources say.

British savers neglecting ISA savings allowances

Savers in the UK are by and large neglecting their ISA savings allowances, with only around 50 per cent of those surveyed planning on using cash ISAs in the coming tax year, with the result being as much as £182 billion is being sacrificed on the altar of difficult financial times.

M&S wants its new instant access ISA to be your favourite

The new instant access ISA from Marks & Spencer is angling to become the favourite of savers in the UK, thanks to its bonus-free interest rate of 3 per cent.

Young male Brits motivated to take up savings accounts

Young male Brits have been revealed to be motivated to take up savings accounts in order to plan for the future in a mature manner, according to recently revealed research findings from National Savings & Investments.

Angry demonstrators protest outside the Bank of England

Angry demonstrators recently held a protest in central London recently in order to make their displeasure heard over the decision by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee to maintain maddeningly low interest rates at their current rate.

Two more fixed rate bonds join best buy tables

A brace of fixed rate bonds have emerged, topping the two year best buy tables with their 4 per cent interest rates.