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Santander issues formal apology for its poor customer service issues

Spain-based bank Santander has recently issued a formal apology concerning the poor customer service levels it has provided to several hundred thousand customers. The poor service has been caused by a large group of problems, up to and including an untimely delay in regards to opening savings accounts, bank employees neglecting to process transactions, and inadvertently stripping access to customers’ online banking access.

Bank branch closures having negative affect on many villages, says new report

According to data released by a recent investigative report by the Campaign for Community Bank Services, a high number of villages in Britain have been affected negatively by nearly 2000 closures in local bank branches over the last ten years.

Lloyds closes its business bank account operation in Ireland

Lloyds Banking Group has recently reported its intention to discontinue its its business banking operations in Ireland, effectively fleeing a country already experiencing severe economic distress.

Santander computer bug locks customers out of online banking

Thanks to a computer system error at Santander, Alliance & Leicester banking customers have been locked out of their online banking systems.

HSBC extends opening hours, alienates staff

In a recent move that was met with delight by its customers but anger by its staff, HSBC announced recently that there will be an extension of its operating hours to during the day on Saturday and late into the night during the week in several of its locations.

HSBC sends mixed message to small business bank accounts

In the wake of its announcement of a massive £7bn in half-year profits, HSBC provoked responses of outrage from many owners of small business bank accounts last week who feel the worldwide banking conglomerate is neither lending nor listening to them.

Nationwide throws its hat in the ring on High Street

Nationwide, the UK’s largest building society, recently announced its intentions to expand its offerings to customers in the realms of free travel insurance and cheaper overdrafts.

Penitent Santander hires to resolve service issues

After the Daily Mail reported a rise in the number of complaints at their UK branches, Santander has announced their hiring in excess of 600 new staff to help handle customer service issues.