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This week it seems HMRC can do absolutely nothing right

Each week there are winners and losers when it comes to public opinion in the financial services sector – and this week HSBC has lost in a major way.

Will free accounts be a casualty of increased competition?

Competition betwixt High Street lenders and new upstarts is hotting up, which is good for consumers – but experts say that free accounts may be a casualty.

Online banking makes your life easier – until it doesn’t

No one wants to spend all day in queue at their local branch in order to conduct their financial matters, but is online banking really all that helpful?

Two weeks until doomsday: the great UK bank account hack

So here’s one that you should be seriously concerned about: you could have only two weeks before Russian hackers empty your personal or business bank accounts.

Be thankful you even have a current account to switch

So it’s been some six months since the new current account switching rules have gone into practice, and they’ve yielded decidedly mediocre results.