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Firms jumping through hoops for business loans

According to a recent report from regional agents from the Bank of England, companies in the UK have had to jump through smaller and smaller hoops in order to secure business loans from banks in the form of increased security demands and rising costs.

Only three UK lenders in top 50 safest banks in the world

Barclays, Nationwide Building Society, and HSBC are the only three UK lenders that have appeared on the newest list of the top 50 safest banks in the world.

Manchester BS offers new 3.31% interest rate best buy

The best buy tables for short-term notice savings accounts crowned a new king lately, with Manchester Buiilding Society’s new 3.31 per cent interest rate offering.

Savings accounts funds drop this autumn, says research

Recently conducted research has discovered that the funds kept in savings accounts in the UK dropped this past autumn. When compared with last year’s savings rates, there has been less funds going into savers’ chosen financial products.