Some RBS customers still feeling effects of computer glitch

Even though it’s been nearly two weeks since a compute glitch sent computers for RBS into a massive meltdown, there are still a significant proportion of the banking group’s customers that are still feeling the effects to this day.

A large number of these customers cut off from their own money are from Ulster Bank, an RBS subsidiary that has nearly 2 million accounts. While many of the Ulster Bank customers that were indeed affected by the computer system fault which began on 21 June have since had the access to their cash restored, there thousand still reeling from the chaos, industry experts say.

All in all, 7.5 million of RBS retail banking group customers were impacted by the service interruption. A distressing number of people are now behind on their credit card or mortgage payments because their direct debits could not be paid, while many others could not have their wages paid in over the course of the computer fault.

The issues have since been ironed out, the bank says, though there have been reports rolling in that some customers have seen personal loan payments debited from their accounts more than once as the system continues to disrupt their financial affairs. Bank bosses have not been able to give a solid date for when the remaining 100,000 or so customers will finally be able to use their payment cards, pay their bills, or receive their salary once more, blaming the delays on the massive payments backlog that has piled up as the crisis grew in length.

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