Skipton upgrades its business bank accounts

Skipton International Limited has recently announced upgrades to its available business bank accounts by unveiling two new fixed rate bonds ideal for trusts, intermediaries, and businesses, financial experts recently reported.

Skipton’s new one-year fix, its International Reserve Bond, pays a 3 per cent annual interest rate (2.84 per cent if taken in monthly instalments).  The banking provider’s other new International Reserve Bond, a two-year fix, comes with a 3.5 per cent rate of return, also available monthly for 3.35 per cent.

Skipton’s new fixed rate bonds are not the only products it offers to businesses and other related organisations.  Its range of easy access accounts offer several different options, with products requiring notification as much as 180 beforehand to as little as only 40 days’ notice, and maximum deposit caps are set as high as £5 million to accommodate larger companies.

However, Skipton has not left SMEs out in the cold, either, as opening balances on many of its accounts are as low as £10,000, offering accessibility to many different small and medium sized businesses looking for a place make cash deposits of more modest size.  Skipton also offers flexibility to smaller-scale businesses through hacing both monthly and annual interest options as well.

Jim Coupe, Skipton Interntional’s managing director, commented on the new offerings, stating that its deals are now much more comprehensive than before.  Surplus cash needs to work even harder in lean economic conditions than it does in times of great bounty, Mr Coupe added, remarking that Skipton’s rates of return offer a competitive choice in the current financial market.

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