Santander issues formal apology for its poor customer service issues

Spain-based bank Santander has recently issued a formal apology concerning the poor customer service levels it has provided to several hundred thousand customers.  The poor service has been caused by a large group of problems, up to and including an untimely delay in regards to opening savings accounts, bank employees neglecting to process transactions, and inadvertently stripping access to customers’ online banking access.

Santander UK’s director of service quality and complaints Steve Williams issued the apology after several independent investigations were conducted that revealed the chaotic administrative problems at the bank.  Santander bought out several British banks recently, Alliance & Leicester and Abbey among those number, and the customer service failures are all related to these new acquisitions, according to released  investigative findings.

These findings concluded that the issues stem from Santander’s shift to a heavy customer service emphasis upon its current accounts; apparently any other banking offerings such as savings accounts were neglected as a result such as savings accounts.  In the first half of 2010, Santander was in receipt of nearly 250,000 complaints, many of which were related to its poor service issues, which is what prompted the investigations.

Mr Williams, upon making his apology on behalf of the bank, freely admitted that Santander had failed its customer service responsibilities and that because of its rapid recent growth, the bank had expectations that certain operational areas such as customer service would need addressing.  Santander’s proposed solution?  An increase in staff to help handle these claims and complaints.

Mr Williams was quick to point out that Santander was working towards that goal by the creation of in excess of 600 new jobs across its network of call centres and branches, which will support the bank’s business growth while simultaneously improving the service available to its existing customers.

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