Santander bungles sisters’ ISAs

Two sisters have been locked out of their own ISAs because Santander keeps bungling by mixing up one sister for the other over and over again.

The two Spill siblings, Victoria, 29, Virginia, 27, have spent the last three months arguing with Santander after the bank erroneously  credited Virgina with Victoria’s savings.

Customer communications at Santander has been breaking down as of late; customer service complaints against the bank have been pouring down like rain.  A cascading flow of bank errors led to the sisters receiving bank statements – and even debit cards – addressed incorrectly.

Now Victoria has no access to either her ISA or her savings account because the bank has transferred them into Virginia’s name.

Although the bank did not clarify which account it was for at the time, Virginia was sent a debit card by Santander.  She has not touched any of her own funds because she fears that may affect the status of her sister’s money.

Santander is yet to rectify the situation, forcing the Spills to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service to plead their case.

Victoria, from Epsom, Surrey, stated that despite the basic and obvious nature of the error, Santander has yet to fix the problem.  She voiced her frustration with the whole experience, likening the process of going to countless branches in an effort to get the situation resolved  to banging one’s head against a brick wall.

Victoria is just thankful that she and her sister are not estranged, stating that Virginia could have easily emptied Victoria’s account quite easily by now.  Instead, Victoria has no access to any of her money, and her sister is reluctant to access the account as well in order to avoid any more confusion.

This ISA mix-up means that, with Victoria’s funds deposited into her sister’s account, Virginia has exceeded her annual allowance. Meanwhile Victoria is unable to make any additional deposits for this tax year because she has no access to the account.

Santander wrote to them both this April and promised to resolve the error, even going so far as to send £50 as a gesture of good will.  The problems persisted, however, and Virginia continued to receive Victoria’s bank statements.

Victoria was concerned regarding the lack of security at Santander if her debit card and her bank statements can be sent to the wrong person.

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