RBS to rehabilitate its customer service image in New Year

Business banking news review: week ending 2 Jan 2013

RBS has had its fill of complaints recently, vowing this week that it will launch attempts to rehabilitate its customer service image in the New Year.

It looks like the Royal Bank of Scotland may be battered but unbowed, as it announced that it’s binning its existing customer charter – only 19 months old – and starting over again by ‘refocusing’ the bank’s customer service goals. The original charter, with its 25 goals for RBS branch staff to aspire to when it comes to treating their customers with courtesy, respect, and provision of high-quality service, was a good start according to many industry experts – considering how it held flowery language on not abandoning a community by shuttering the last bank in town or finding ways to reduce queues within branches – but was too fractured and scattered for the tastes of RBS retail banking head, Ross McEwan.

Mr McEwan said that while the charter might have done an excellent job in communicating to staff that the bank is nothing without its customers, the customers themselves seemed to not be getting the message for some reason, most likely because the message was obscured by last year’s absolutely disastrous computer glitch, preventing customers from accessing their online banking accounts or even pulling money from ATMs in many cases.

An RBS spokesman said this week that the existing charter, which he referred to as something that has been ‘at the heart’ of the bank and its quest to institute improvements to the level of service it provides its customers, exhorted its staff to focus on goals that were the most important to RBS customers. Many of these goals were achieved under the existing charter, the spokesman added, which is why the bank will be re-launching it this year.

The new charter will most likely consist of fewer but more focused goals, according to industry insiders. However, whether this will make a difference in RBS and its reputation amongst the average savings account holder remains to be seen.

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