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Economic Crisis fault of Banks, not Labour Government claim

Are the Conservatives fighting the Election on misguided information about the Banking Crises? The consensus is, yes they are.

Current account deals that make you think about switching

Industry figures show that 1.1 million people have switched bank providers in 2014 and more than 300,000 of those moved to just two – Halifax and Santander.

Bank offers cashback current account for those bad at maths

If you’re notoriously bad at maths there’s a new current account that’s just for you: Barclays’ new Blue Rewards account, which takes as much as it gives.

Scammers siphon off £15k from pensioner’s bank account

An elderly pensioner ended up losing a massive £15,000 from their bank accounts after criminals scammed the victim over the telephone.

Thieving bank teller avoids jail time after stealing £2,000

A thieving former bank teller caught stealing nearly $2,000 from branch customers somehow avoided bank time, instead being hit with 300 hours of unpaid work.

FCA says seven-day switching needs more support

The new seven-day switching rules that allow consumers to give one bank the boot and join another need more support, says the Financial Conduct Authority.

HSBC shutters bank accounts of UK nationals in Jersey

Because the Universe decided that HSBC isn’t quite hated enough by the world, the bank has decided to begin shuttering accounts of UK nationals in Jersey.

Nearly 2m Brits going without any sort of bank account

Business banking news review: week ending 12 March 2015 If the Financial Inclusion Commission is to believed, nearly 2 million Brits are going without any sort of personal or business bank account right now. According to the FIC’s latest figures, these individuals are truly running the risk of being disconnected from what the commission calls […]

Fearful, cowardly banks freezing accounts of charities

British charities working in conflict zones are having their business bank accounts closed left and right thanks to fearful, and cowardly banking providers.

Yorkshire BS complains new switching rules not doing enough

Yorkshire Building Society complained this week that the new rules put into place to make it easier for customers to switch bank accounts aren’t doing enough.