Out of branch cash machines show record charges

Cash machines located outside of branches have been charging their users more and more, mostly in motorway service stops and railway stations.

Companies responsible for the ownership and operation of these machines at some of the busiest motorway stops charge, on average, nearly £2 to the user.  Compared to the average fees two years ago, this represents an 11 per cent increase overall.

For those who travel by train, there is bad news ahead when receiving your next bank statement in the post: cash machines have been installed at approximately 100 mainline train stations, and these ATMs will now be charging for the privilege of withdrawing your cash from them.  Additionally any motorists who stop at services administered by Roadchef, Moto, and Welcome Break will be hit with the fees as well.

Many of the best business bank account watchdog groups condemned the new trend.

Independent Banking Advisory Service spokesperson Eddy Weatherill stated that while having cash machines at train stations and petrol garages can be convenient, the cost associated with using them is simply too high.

Which? Money editor James Daley also commented, stating that as most outlets in services and stations allow consumers to make card payments, the best way to avoid the £2 surcharge is to pay with  a debit card.

Service and service station providers routinely share in the profits generated by any cash machines placed on their premises by their specialist firm owners.

Bank Machine, one of the major suppliers of the cash machines, makes money not just from installing the machine but also by sharing the revenue generated by fees with the services area owner and the bank.

Some drivers have even reported cash machines that charge a fee at service areas but lack any kind of cashback facility.  This in turn forces customers to rely on the ATMs.

Many of the UK motorway services can catch drivers with their pants down – including Knutsford and Stafford on the M6, Cardiff West on the M4, Donington Park on the M1, Thurrock on the M25 in Essex, Birchanger Green on the M11, and Cardiff West on the M4.

Train stations have also introduced the money-hungry cash machines at sometimes multiple locations, such as the three ATMs at Doncaster station.  All three machines at the East Coast-run train station carry charges of £1.80 for those who wish to make withdrawals.

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