You don’t need to spend 3 hours researching the market to find the best business bank account!

Did you know the average business customer now spends 186 minutes* researching their options before deciding to sign up with their chosen bank? That’s 3 whole, painstaking hours, trawling through the myriad of information online and in the high street.

It’s tiring stuff, and even when you have made up your mind, there’s no guarantee that you’ve made the right choice. But imagine just for a minute how good it would feel knowing that ALL the information you need is in one place. And not only that, someone has already done the research for you!

What this website does for YOU

Compares over 45 business bank accounts in the UK Each account is rated by fees, service and sign up process Carries out the extensive research every calender month Agrees exclusive discounts with the top performing bank accounts

A word about

Set-up by team of small business owners with over 60 years combined experience We have first hand knowledge of working with the biggest banks in the UK We are a 100% INDEPENDENT company, not affiliated to ANY banking institution

Our mission is simple. Each month we will feature the top 5 business bank accounts in the UK, according to the results of our in-depth research. We will show you exactly how to sign up with these banks and also arrange, where possible, additional joining incentives for our valued readers.

Properly researching the banking market is an art in itself, which is why we have created this website. So why not leave the hard work to us? Click back to our home page and see for yourself who is topping the rankings this month. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

To your business success!

The Team *Moneyteam research centre 2013