Online banking customers of two providers locked out

The online banking customers of two financial service providers in the UK have recently claimed that they have been unable to carry out basic transactions after being locked out of their online accounts.

Millions of customers of both Bank of Scotland and Halifax, both of which, along with Lloyds TSB, are members of Lloyds Banking Group, are having their banking details currently transferred into a central database for the banking group.  However, the transfer may have left many customers out in the cold and unable to access their personal or business bank accounts over the internet, leaving many to fear they may end up incurring charges for late payment as a result of the breakdown.

One Lloyds Banking Group spokesman responded by remarking that the lion’s share of the group’s services remained unaffected by the infrastructure improvements being made to its online banking, which include logging on to the site and also making payments.  The spokesman apologised for the inconvenience caused by their initial inability to offer anything more advanced than a limited and stripped-down statement history online, but urged customers who have experienced online banking site access issues to contact the banking group through the use of the online helpdesk.

This new difficulty is unfortunately nothing new for Halifax customers.  This past April, reports emerged that as many as 3.5 million Halifax online banking customers might lose the ability to perform rudimentary tasks online for a year and a half while Halifax revamped its website.

Industry experts agree that Halifax does run the risk of losing customers if these online outages caused by infrastructure improvements continue to plague its account holders.

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