New business bank account resource introduced

The Coalition government has announced it will be introducing a new resource for business bank accounts to help organisations take advantage of the best financial deals currently available on the market in the UK.

Treasury minister Lord Sassoon recently announced a new online banking information site for businesses while attending an event in Sheffield. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition has done so in order to help businesses flourish and grow in the current economic landscape, stated Lord Sassoon.

The Coalition government has partnered with the British Bankers’ Association in order to unveil a new online resource that will offer businesses in the UK a broad selection of tools and information in order to make the search for high-quality business loans easier and more fruitful. Designed to offer impartial advice and information to businesses, the new website benefits from information regarding the more than 200 financial services institutions that are affiliated with the BBA.

Lord Sassoon praised the new site, stating that business will be able to avail themselves of the site’s resources in order to find accurate, impartial,  and straightforward information in a centralised location.

Angela Knight, chief executive of the BBA, also stated that the new site has been designed in such a way as to allow companies to be put in touch with the levels of practical, impartial help needed in order to maximise their chances of acceptance for their credit applications going forward.

In related news, the government also announced a long-overdue agreement with the largest banking institutions in the UK on bonuses, transparency, and lending.  Dubbed ‘Project Merlin,’ the new scheme will see banks lending approximately £190 billion to businesses in 2011. £76 billion of that figure has been specifically earmarked for smaller businesses.

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