Nationwide glitch affects over 70k current account holders

A computer glitch affecting more than 70,000 Nationwide current account holders has been rectified according to the mutual, as it apologised to its customers for the problems.

Account holders affected by the glitch found that any payments they made this past week on Tuesday were taken out of their accounts again the next day. Many customers that fell victim to the glitch ended up being pushed into an overdraft or left without crucial funds they had earmarked to pay a mortgage payment or other substantial bill.

Nationwide has since fixed the problem it recently announced, promising its customers would find any overdraft charges they may have incurred as a result of erroneous overdraft charges. Jenny Groves, customer experience director for the nation’s largest building society, expressed regret that the glitch affected so many customers, adding that all charges have been waived and all costs associated with the error will be refunded shortly.

This isn’t the first time a major banking provider disrupted its customers’ finances, as last month’s major technical failure at the RBS Group saw customers locked out of their accounts. RBS subsidiary NatWest, which was initially affected by the software problem in June, also suffered another online banking issue this week as well.

Concerned NatWest consumers reported once more that they were having issues accessing their accounts or making purchases with their debit cards. In some cases, wages have yet to be paid to those with the bad fortune to be affected by the glitch.

Following Nationwide’s lead, the RBS Group also issued its apologies recently for this most current round of inconveniences, claiming that the issues had been resolved. Despite RBS Group’s claims to the contrary, there were some customers that were still experiencing errors when it came to their bank accounts.

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