It’s a bad week for Barclays

Business banking news review: week ending 26 Sept 2013

Every bank in the UK might have its share of ups and downs, but this week Barclays takes the dubious honour of having the worst problems hands down.

If there’s anything that will convince you to use mobile banking instead of going into your local Barclays branch, it might be just this: apparently a 15 year old schoolboy decided to rob the bank’s Liverpool branch by using a fake gun. Apparently he would have gotten away with it if his mother hadn’t found the fat stacks of banknotes in the lad’s bedroom right next to the toy gun – to her credit she immediately turned the little brat over to the police.

The reason for his sudden crime spree? Apparently it was greed; the boy admitted wanting some cash to go shopping with. Can you believe it?

Of course the bank workers were never really in any danger from the boy, unlike a situation that came to light this week as well, again at a Barclays branch. This time the scene was in Norfolk when a man stormed the place with a homemade flamethrower made from a can of petrol and a blowtorch; this time the assailant claimed he wanted to burn the place – and himself – to the ground because Barclays refused to provide him an overdraft facility.

Luckily the man was Tasered by police and taken away before any damage to himself or others actually occurred. Can you imagine how deranged this man must have been to actually even consider making good on his threats?

Listen, I know it’s hard to get an overdraft facility sometimes, but that’s no reason to burn your local branch to the bloody ground. Yes, times are hard all over but there are better ways – did nobody tell this poor sod to go to his local credit union if he needed some help? Well I’m sure he’ll now have a nice, fireproof padded room to bounce around in whilst he wears one of those white jumpers that makes him hug himself.

I swear the world has gone mad. Suddenly the schoolboy with the BB gun doesn’t sound so bad any more, now does it?

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