HSBC crippled by two hour loss of service recently

One of the largest providers of personal and business bank accounts in the UK suffered a crippling loss of service recently, as all of their computerised systems crashed catastrophically, only to be regained after around two hours.

UK banking giant HSBC suffered a massive computer glitch, resulting in nearly every electronic piece of equipment – including online banking services, cash machines, and debit cards – as completely inoperable.  While frantic staff laboured on rectifying the issue, customers expressed their concerns and confusion via Twitter, remarking that shops had declined their cards and HSBC cash machines were not permitting them to withdraw their funds.

Ringing up HSBC call centres was useless during this outage, and both First Direct and HSBC online banking was unavailable as well.  Both systems were back up and running approximately two hours after they went down, with HSBC’s services lagging behind First Direct’s by about ten minutes.

HSBC, the second-largest financial services provider in the world, issued an apology for causing such disruption during an afternoon at the end of a busy work week.  The glitch was caused by an outage to one of the banking giant’s IT mainframes which resulted in difficulties for customers making debit card payments, using ATMs, or accessing their account information online, according to a statement by one HSBC spokesman.

Panic ensued once news of the glitch spread thanks to social media, with customers tweeting that services had been disrupted nationwide.  Other panic-fueled but inaccurate reports included suggestions that the problem had spread globally to the 47 other countries in which the banking giant does business.

Investigations by HSBC are still underway in order to determine teh exact cause of the outage.

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