Firms announce top paying fixed rate bonds

As many banking providers have recently announced new top paying fixed rate bonds packages, savers willing to put their money aside for at least a year have something to celebrate for once.

Bank of Ireland operated The Post Office is now paying a before tax interest rate of 3.41 per cent on its one-year fix, available only to online banking customers.  Barnsley and Yorkshire BS, both part of the same banking group, are paying even higher on their online-only one-year fix with a 3.5 per cent rate of return.

As far as top branch based one-year fixes go, both Britannia and Co-operative bank are reigning with a 3.4 per cent rate of return.  Both financial services providers are likewise part of the same overall banking group.

Both the Post Office and Britannia/Co-operative Bank are also topping the two year best buys for internet-based and branch-based fixed rate savers.  The Post Office is offering a 3.96 per cent rate before taxes, whilst Co-operative and Britannia customers can net a 3.75 per cent two-year fix at either provider.

Savers willing to say goodbye to their cash for as long as three years can look forward to the Post Office’s online fix, which pays 4.21 per cent before taxes.  The three-year in branch offering from Yorkshire Building Society tops its best buy tables at 4.05 per cent before taxes up until May of 2014.

Tax free accounts are also rising, as Yorkshire BS subsidiary, Chelsea Building Society, is offering a one-year ISA at 3.3 per cent or a two-year account at 3.7 per cent.  Both ISA offerings are available in-branch, while the two-year ISA is also available for take-up over the internet.


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