Common questions

Limited Company Application Form and Mandate:

1. I have some questions about your application form, can I please speak with somebody at Cater Allen?

Answer: For help with your application form, please call the new business team on 0800 092 33 00 (FREEPHONE). Someone in the UK will be available to answer your questions from 7am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays.

2. On the application form, why are you asking each authorised signatory to provide a £1.00 personal cheque made payable to the new bank account?

Answer: This speeds up the account opening process by allowing Cater Allen to verify signatures without having to write back and request this information separately.

3. What name should I include in Part 2 – “Name to be shown on new Account”?

Answer: This should ALWAYS be the name of the business. Limited companies should use the exact name registered with Companies House.

4. Can I use a C/O or PO Box number as my “Address for correspondence”?

Answer: No. These addresses are not acceptable for correspondence or your registered office address.

5. As a director, I have completed my personal details in Part 4. Who else needs to complete this section?

Answer: We require the personal details of ALL chairpersons, directors, individuals who own 25% or more of the companies’ shares, as well as any authorised signatories on the bank account. If you are in any doubt about this section, please contact the new business team on 0800 092 33 00.

6. I am in the process of changing the registered officers (company secretary / directors) of my limited company. Do the new officers need to complete Part 4?

Answer: Yes. Please also include with your application the relevant Companies House forms showing the appointment of the new officers.

7. What is a CVIC?

Answer: A Confirmation of Verification of Identity Certificate (CVIC) allows FSA-regulated advisors to verify their customer’s ID. For readers, please ignore this section and instead complete the Customer ID form.

8. Do I need to send original documents to verify my ID?

Answer. You DO NOT need to send originals of the following valuable documents : Passport, Driving Licence, EEA member state ID, Northern Ireland Voters Card. Photocopies will suffice.

9. If I am a director, company secretary or 25%+ shareholder, do I need to sign Part 4 if I am also an authorised signatory on the bank account?

Answer: No. We will capture your signature in Part 7 “Authorised Signatories”.

10. In Part 5, when and what date should the “Board of Directors passed a Resolution to open an Account with Cater Allen Private Bank”?

Answer: This date should be before the date stated in Part 8 “Declaration”.

11. Who needs to sign the declaration in Part 8?

Answer: This section needs to be signed by a director and company secretary OR by two directors OR in the event of a sole director, the signature must be witnessed.