Co-operative Bank offers details on new current accounts

UK banking provider the Co-operative Bank has recently revised the details on many of its current accounts the bank offers, making it an opportune moment for consumers who are currently searching for the best available current account products in the country.

Anyone currently holding a current account from the Co-op will be doubtlessly have an interest in noting that the financial services provider has decided to eliminate any access fees from both its Privilege Premier and Privilege current account offerings for the next 12 months.

While there is a caveat to the offer, as it requires current account holders to maintain a minimum balance in the form of depositing at least £800 every month into their current account, the Co-op will be making the new deal available to both its existing customers and any new ones interested in opening an account with the bank and beginning to utilise it as their primary facility for their banking needs.

The Co-op has attempted to sweeten the deal as well with the additional inclusion of such bonus incentives as providing  mobile phone insurance for their customers; industry experts note that such attempts to drum up business are commonplace in the financial industry.

The Co-op’s retail product business leader, Mr John Hughes, noted that the oftentimes time-consuming and tedious process that switching from one bank’s current account offering to another will be a thing of the past if any UK current account holders choose to join the approximate 6.5 million people who currently do their retail banking through the Co-op; thanks to the bank’s efforts, there has been a dedicated team of Co-op staff that have been tasked with aiding in the process of switching current accounts both easily and quickly, eliminating any hurdles that can so easily plague the unwary banking customer.

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