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Budget could force small business owners to shut up shop and sell up

With the budget squeezing single-employee limited companies, KPMG foresee the burden of business ownership could become too great to bear for many.

Mobile banking: disruption on a global scale

Three start-ups are empowering small business owners in developing nations to manage their finances on their phone where traditional banking is off limits.

Credit card using consumers could spell death to cash

As consumers continue to move away from paper cash and increasingly adopt plastic to make purchases, one credit card expert recently said that the days of cash transactions could be extremely numbered.

Venture capital access for small firms could evaporate

Small business bank account holders could see their access to venture capital evaporate under new EU rules covering state aid, industry experts recently warned.

Vince Cable offers help to SMEs with new initiative

The business secretary recently announced that small business bank account holders will soon be given practical aid by the government in the form of a new initiative designed to cut red tape and boost investment, industry experts say.

UK circling the drain in business bank account lending

When it comes to offering credit to businesses – especially small business bank accounts – the UK has been circling the drain in the years following Lehman Brothers’ collapse in 2008, new research recently found.

Small firms turn away from traditional business loans

Small business bank account holders are turning away from their banks in record numbers, eschewing business loans and instead choosing to pay down debt and make use of their own reserves to fund growth, according to a recently conducted research study.

Small business bank accounts looking for funding

A recent business owner survey discovered that as many as two out of every three small business bank account holders are looking for funding not from the high street but from their own savings accounts.

Majority of SMEs rely on savings for working capital in 2011

According to the findings of a recently released research study, two out of every three small business bank account holders relied on savings for their working capital in 2011.

Small business bank accounts prepare for growth in 2012

In excess of 80 per cent of small business bank account holders are preparing to experience growth in 2012, according to newly released research findings.