Brits reluctant to reveal financial details, says new survey

According to recently conducted research by one financial services provider, a large number of Brits who have savings accounts are reluctant to reveal their financial details.

Lloyds TSB subsidiary Scottish Widows recently found that economic stability is one of the biggest taboo subjects when it comes to public discussion.  43 per cent of research respondents indicated that they didn’t feel comfortable speaking about financial matters with their friends, whether it be the contents of their savings account or the status of their small business bank account, the survey found.

Discussing financial matter with family members was found to be more acceptable, as only 23 per cent of Brits would feel uncomfortable doing so.  However, it seems that speaking with work colleagues about their economic situation is right out, as 62 per cent admitted to not wanting to bring up the subject with them.

Among the top ten things not to be spoken about, pensions made the list as well.  33 per cent of respondents said they would avoid a discussion of such an issue with work colleagues, while 19 per cent would not bring it up with friends.

Catherine Stewart, financial expert, remarked that the majority of Brits simply have no desire to discuss our worries concerning money.  She called this trait of not wanting to discuss personal topics to even close friends or family a ‘very British’ one that was especially prevalent amongst older citizens, who were raised to not speak of such things in polite company.

However, Ms Stewart noted that younger Brits seem to be breaking with this tradition.  The survey found that those between the ages of 18 and 34 were found to have a higher likelihood of discussing this matter, especially amongst friends and family.

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