Barclays branch bricked up in protest

A recent protest was held in Westbourne, Dorset outside a branch of a major UK lending institution in a demonstration designed to bring attention to the difficulties small businesses are currently facing in regards to securing credit from banks in order to grow.

The Westbourne Barclays branch’s entryway was bricked-up in a symbolic protest, as protesters of the bank’s lending practices compared the procedures for attempting to secure credit from a bank was like trying to carry on a conversation with a brick wall instead of another human being.

According to information released by the BBC, Cameron Hope, spokesperson for the protest group, the group chose the temporary bricking-up because it perfectly emulated the kind of feelings many small business bank accounts get walking away from an attempt to secure a business loan in the current economic climate.

Mr Hope additionally made comments to Sky News, stating that he would hope that some day soon that expert entrepreneurs and business people such as Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and the Dragons’ Den television programme’s Dragons offering advice to the coalition Government on ways to turn around the UK’s still lacklustre economic growth and recovery efforts.

Current business loan trends in Britain have proved difficult to properly interpret recently, as banking institutions have been vociferously claiming their keenness to extend credit to borrowers that can guarantee their ability to repay the loans, stating that net lending levels to businesses in the UK have been on the decline simply because falling interest rates have allowed companies to repay their debt in a much more swift manner than they normally would be able to.

Many industry experts take issue with many lender statements to that effect, since the logical conclusion to be drawn from businesses paying their loans back in full would mean more funds would be available for lending to firms more in need of the funds.

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