Banking fraudsters stopped cold by police

Business banking news review: week ending 31 Oct 2013

Fraudsters have been working double-time to scam money out of bank branches lately, with the police have uncovering and foiling scheme after scheme.

How much do you trust the cashiers that work at your local bank? Enough to not pass on your personal details to fellow criminals? Well that’s just what one Royal Bank of Scotland cashier was caught allegedly doing. In fact, 24 year old RBS employee Derek Annan says he wasn’t involved in the plot – which could have seen nearly £3 million drained from the personal and business bank accounts of RBS customers, yet the gang of thieves that attempted the fraud had to have gotten the information from somewhere.

The fraudsters made off with £135,000 before they were stopped cold, but they had already laid plans in place to take RBS customers for another £2.5 million before they were apprehended. These scammers would go into their local RBS branch and attempt to cash checks with falsified information, and they were able to answer the kinds of security questions that they wouldn’t have been able to know unless they had someone on the inside.

So far Amman keeps denying any involvement. Could he be innocent? Maybe. But if he is, who was responsible for forwarding the info to the rest of the gang? If you ask me, something smells damned fishy. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this one as it develops.

Meanwhile, another fraudster was caught after he took £4,000 from three banks in a row in just half an hour thanks to the use of fake ATM cards. This one was convicted recently though, and now he’s got a three year and nine month jail sentence he’s serving, the poor little lamb.

29 year old Adrin Musteata was found with no less than 50 fake bank cards in his car. I suppose it’s a bit hard to argue your way out of that one, eh? Well the judge agreed and threw the book at Musteata. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

I really don’t understand this recent spate of banking fraud. I mean I expect this behaviour from banking executives, but doesn’t anyone realise that it’s bloody impossible to rob a bank nowadays and not get caught? The only way to get away it in the current economic landscape is to be on the Board of Directors for a given bank, and then it’s not called theft but simply receiving your annual bonus. Ha!

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