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Is your bank about to join the blockchain revolution?

Not long ago, most banking institutions poo-pooed Bitcoin. It’s now got its own Forex rate and the blockchain tech it’s built on is THE buzzword!

RBS invites external advisers to investigate SME handling

Despite having a clean bill of health not so long ago and the FCA already investigating, RBS has invited external auditors to look into its SME arm.

Imaging cheque service gives new meaning to Photo Shop

Barclays is rolling out its iPhone cheque-depositing facility to Android users after a successful first year. Lloyds are trialling a similar app.

Mobile banking: disruption on a global scale

Three start-ups are empowering small business owners in developing nations to manage their finances on their phone where traditional banking is off limits.

Business bank accounts face tightened bank lending

Holders of UK business bank accounts had a rough go of it last month, with bank lending conditions tightening, experts say.

Majority of SMEs rely on savings for working capital in 2011

According to the findings of a recently released research study, two out of every three small business bank account holders relied on savings for their working capital in 2011.