36 credit card fraud sites shut down, officials say

The Serious Organised Crime Agency recently reported it was involved in a global law enforcement operation in which 36 credit card fraud sites were shut down following an exhaustive two year investigation.

Raids in the UK, along with other countries such as Macedonia, Romania, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Germany, and the US led to the shuttering of the sites, many of which had been under close observation for several months.  The fraudsters operating the websites were selling on personal details on what a report from the BBC called as an ‘industrial scale,’ with the details being sold on for as little as £2 per set of information.

Bank information was changing hands in massive amounts through the use of online trading platforms, industry officials said.  However, now that the sites have been dismantled, the only thing a visitor will be presented with is a notification declaring that the website has been seized, with one Macedonian man and two Brits, from London and Birmingham, have been apprehended in conjunction with the website raids.

SOCA has called upon broadband internet providers to take steps to preclude websites from anonymous registration, as there are automated computer software programmes registering thousands of domain names today. These domains are quite similar to one another, SOCA added, creating difficulties in tracing them back to their original owners.

In related news, a man from York was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for stealing the personal details of eight million people.  Edward Pearson, the computer hacker behind the identity theft, coded several trojan viruses, known as Python, SpyEye, and Zeus, in order to steal the personal information, claiming that he did so in order to challenge himself intellectually.

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