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Be thankful you even have a current account to switch

So it’s been some six months since the new current account switching rules have gone into practice, and they’ve yielded decidedly mediocre results.

Some banks expand offerings whilst others sabotage customers

It’s more of the same this week in the banking arena, with reports emerging that even as some providers expand their offerings others use underhanded tactics.

Multiple RBS embarrassments destroy its reputation further

When it rains it pours for RBS: not one but two major fiascoes have sent the beleaguered bank scrambling to apologise and regroup.

Banking fraudsters stopped cold by police

Fraudsters have been working double-time to scam money out of bank branches lately, with the police have uncovering and foiling scheme after scheme.

It’s a bad week for Barclays

Every bank in the UK might have its share of ups and downs, but this week Barclays takes the dubious honour of having the worst problems hands down.