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   1.  Banks Demanding PPI Money Back
   2.  Businesses Charged Too Much for International Payments
   3.  Banks Propose New Charges for Business Cash Deposits
   4.  More, but not enough, are switching current accounts
   5.  FCA says bank customers victimised by costly current accounts
   6.  Small business bank accounts cyber-plundered
   7.  Is your bank about to join the blockchain revolution?
   8.  Banks give insurers a lesson in improving customer satisfaction
   9.  Challenger banks receive shot in the arm from Tory opposition
   10.  Challenger bank shows how lenders are very much open for business
   11.  Can the UK Become FinTech Global Central?
   12.  RBS invites external advisers to investigate SME handling
   13.  Are UK banks running before they can walk?
   14.  Budget could force small business owners to shut up shop and sell up
   15.  Imaging cheque service gives new meaning to Photo Shop
   16.  Digital Bank Atom Eyes Full Range of Business Bank Accounts
   17.  Horta-Osório Steals Show at British Banker’s Association Conference
   18.  Would Total Transparency Kill Banking Competition?
   19.  Mobile banking: disruption on a global scale
   20.  Independence Remains a Strong Motivator for SME Borrowing in 2015
   21.  Taking the Bank out of Bank Holiday: bonus or just gross?
   22.  World’s Local Bank Pledges £8bn to UK SMEs
   23.  Economic Crisis fault of Banks, not Labour Government claim
   24.  Current account deals that make you think about switching
   25.  Bank offers cashback current account for those bad at maths
   26.  Scammers siphon off £15k from pensioner’s bank account
   27.  Thieving bank teller avoids jail time after stealing £2,000
   28.  FCA says seven-day switching needs more support
   29.  HSBC shutters bank accounts of UK nationals in Jersey
   30.  Nearly 2m Brits going without any sort of bank account
   31.  Fearful, cowardly banks freezing accounts of charities
   32.  Yorkshire BS complains new switching rules not doing enough
   33.  Two RBS banks join the 21st century with thumb print sensors
   34.  Barclays forces current account switches on its customers
   35.  Online banking for kids: why let adults have all the “fun?”
   36.  Brits found to be switching accounts in greater numbers
   38.  Banks slash interest rates on savings accounts across the UK
   39.  Fraudsters targeting bank account holders
   40.  Online banking booms big on Christmas Day, says Nationwide
   41.  Nine banks fall in line, offer fee-free basic bank accounts
   42.  Barclays joins 21st century with new online banking tools
   43.  Banks to offer free basic accounts to customers
   44.  Treasury waters down HMRC’s ability to rob bank accounts
   45.  Banks throw money at customers to entice them to switch
   46.  Free current accounts need to go to foster competition?
   47.  High Street banks in the crosshairs of new investigation
   48.  Brits get their bank accounts raided left and right
   49.  High Street not responding to customers, upstart banks do
   50.  Banking customers avail themselves of new & existing options
   51.  British banks create international issues for customers
   52.  FCA investigates banking sector as complaints pile up
   53.  Savers less than enthusiastic about existing offerings
   54.  Account switches bounce back near Scottish border
   55.  1 million banking customers switch amidst fears of bank run
   56.  Complaints against banks on the rise, customers furious
   57.  British account holders jumping ship in droves
   58.  Good news for savers and current account holders alike
   59.  Accusations of racism emerge amidst account closures
   60.  Losers emerge in the wake of current account switching
   61.  This week it seems HMRC can do absolutely nothing right
   62.  Will free accounts be a casualty of increased competition?
   63.  Be on the lookout for banking fraud
   64.  HMRC bank account raid “against Magna Carta?”
   65.  Banks give with one hand, take away with the other
   66.  Online banking makes your life easier – until it doesn’t
   67.  Attractive current accounts may be easier to switch to soon
   68.  Tesco jumps into the fray, banks strike back with new deals
   69.  Two weeks until doomsday: the great UK bank account hack
   70.  Savers leaving banks for mutuals – will it be enough?
   71.  Banking fraud rears its ugly head quite literally everywhere
   72.  Thieves raid bank accounts – and some may do it legally
   73.  Drugs and bank accounts: together again?
   74.  Your bank may be bad – but there are others that are worse
   75.  Even good banks can be pretty bad
   76.  Be thankful you even have a current account to switch
   77.  Massive number of bankless Brits may see respite in future
   78.  Competition hots up betwixt High Street banking institutions
   79.  Surprise, surprise: everyone wants your money
   80.  Government helps banking customers – and hurts them too
   81.  New current accounts hit the market, shake up competitors
   82.  Are Britain’s banks declaring war on their customers?
   83.  Mobile banking fraud on the rise, experts warn
   84.  Barclays has terrible track record in hiring fraudsters
   85.  RBS, Barclays unsurprisingly caught up in more trouble
   86.  Banks doing their best to reform their poor reputations
   87.  Banks hoarding cash as their customers revolt
   88.  High Street flounders while banking alternatives flourish
   89.  Some banks expand offerings whilst others sabotage customers
   90.  Barclays cuts fees whilst Metro Bank hikes its own
   91.  Banks look to profitability, alter offerings
   92.  HSBC strings up small business while RBS relents
   93.  Lloyds sells again, Virgin Money throws hat in ring
   94.  EU readies account switching rule, UK banks ready themselves
   95.  Multiple RBS embarrassments destroy its reputation further
   96.  UK banks called on carpet whilst others avoid recriminations
   97.  Will we all be signing the bitcoin blues soon?
   98.  So-called ‘best buy’ deals still absolutely horrid
   99.  Account switching debacle grips nation’s banks
   100.  Banking fraudsters stopped cold by police
   101.  Good news on the interest rate front for a change
   102.  High overdrafts and low interest rates – what else is new?
   103.  Help to Buy scheme grows as more banks sign on
   104.  Senior bankers put on notice for bad behaviour
   105.  It’s a bad week for Barclays
   106.  The Government gets its pound of flesh from UK banks
   107.  UK banks just can’t stay out of trouble
   108.  Disaster and mis-steps in banking industry abound
   109.  Well if the Government says it, it must be true, eh?
   110.  Bank of England does its best to mangle economic recovery
   111.  Branches come and go, but poor customer service persists
   112.  Banks blunder and bloom, bringing both shame and hope
   113.  To switch or not to switch: there’s really no question
   114.  There’s just no pleasing some when it comes to banking
   115.  UK banks just aren’t living up to their customers’ needs
   116.  Things not so terrible for UK banking industry after all
   117.  Things go from bad to worse to abysmal
   118.  Switch accounts all you like – inflation is still too high
   119.  Lloyds TSB, Halifax disregard their customers
   120.  Banks fundamentally failing their customers left and right
   121.  Hope you’re not looking to make your money work for you
   122.  UK banks move to actually help their customers for once
   123.  Savers and borrowers alike warned off from banking products
   124.  Cashplus a great alternative if business banking is just too much
   125.  Start-up business bank accounts a must for the fledgling freelancer
   126.  How do you check customer credit as a start-up yourself?
   127.  No help for nation’s savers from any quarter
   128.  Big Five let down their customers in a big way yet again
   129.  Good luck to you if you’re looking for a return on savings
   130.  Savers grow their nest eggs, get no help from banks
   131.  Savers tired of vanishing bonus rates on their accounts
   132.  Inflation and George Osborne let down savers once again
   133.  UK banks attempt to sweeten the pot for savers
   134.  Banker bonus row heats up between UK and EU
   135.  BoE threatens to ruin the day of even more savers
   136.  Bank of England bosses make waves this week
   137.  Beleaguered bank announces 3,700 in job cuts
   138.  Libor scandal comes home to roost for RBS in massive fine
   139.  NS&I to boost its cash ISA rates in wake of FLS
   140.  Funding for Lending ruins cash ISA interest rates
   141.  UK banking providers in ‘downward spiral,’ says ex HSBC boss
   142.  Savers likely to be caught out by a maturing fixed rate bond
   143.  RBS to rehabilitate its customer service image in New Year
   144.  MPs agree UK banks should be ringfenced
   145.  Lloyds TSB bins their Premier current accounts in New Year
   146.  Northern Rock caught in massive £270bn loan statement error
   147.  ISA contribution limit to be increased by 2.1 per cent
   148.  Bank of England to hand reins over to Canadian in 2013
   149.   Metro Bank continues spread from Greater London
   150.  Inflation rate rises, ruins the day of many a saver
   151.  Don’t bother with bonus interest rates, savers are warned
   152.  FSA managing director says ‘free’ banking nonexistent
   153.  Nationwide crumples under pressure, adds interest rates
   154.  RBS/Santander deal falls through, Virgin is up next
   155.  Barclays buys ING Direct, tries to shake off LIBOR scandal
   156.  Bank complaints up, Government’s patience wanes
   157.  Small firms need loans – and the Government listens?
   158.  Inflation drops, savers suffer, and bonuses bandied about
   159.  High street banks do their best to annoy & betray customers
   160.  Barclays bears brunt of consumer and government backlash
   161.  No good news for savers or small business owners looking for finance
   162.  Asleep-at-the-wheel savers punished with miserable rates
   163.  Less than one in 10 get a small business loan, survey says
   164.  Free banking when it comes to current accounts? Hardly.
   165.  Libor-fixing Barclays gets new chairman
   166.  Cash ISA rates sink down – one BS bucks trend
   167.  Funding for Lending scheme bins savings rates
   168.  Enough is enough when it comes to RBS, government says
   169.  Junior ISAs a miserable failure – but who’s to blame?
   170.  Nationwide glitch affects over 70k current account holders
   171.  Interest rates still unclear for more than 50% of savers
   172.  Business lending collapses by £3bn, says Bank of England
   173.  Easy access savings accounts finally offer good rates
   174.  OFT to probe current account market
   175.  Best buy fixed rate bonds available for average of 30 days
   176.  Current account customers leave big banks in droves
   177.  Rate hikes for two easy access accounts leave savers happy
   178.  Some RBS customers still feeling effects of computer glitch
   179.  The Co-op throws down fixed rate bonds gauntlet
   180.  Barlays chief stands ground against interest rate scandal
   181.  Most NatWest & RBS customers out of the woods
   182.  NatWest debacle drags on as CEO weathers the storm
   183.  CPI falls by 0.2 percentage points in May
   184.  Will new government stimulus bin savings rates?
   185.  Lloyds TSB hikes overdraft costs even higher
   186.  Savers eschew high street lenders for peer-to-peer lending
   187.  Savers continue to suffer as more banks withdraw best buys
   188.  Nationwide swings its ax, trims back more branches
   189.  Marks & Spencer launching in-store bank branches
   190.  Bank of Cyprus now protected under FSCS
   191.  Don’t fret over Santander deposits, FSCS says
   192.  Young entrepreneurs being offered business loans
   193.  Halifax bribing current account switchers with 0 bonus
   194.  Bank of England’s MPC votes no on more quantitative easing
   195.  New online banking offer grabs top spot with headline rates
   196.  With inflation dropping, it’s important to find a high-paying account
   197.  Stop offering consumers free current accounts, says BoE exec
   198.  Banks slash rates even further on top accounts
   199.  Finally some good news: CPI inflation rate drops to 3%
   200.  Worried about the eurozone crisis? The FSCS has your back

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