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Project Merlin fails, small business bank account lending down

Business loan experts have been declaring that the Government’s Project Merlin scheme is a bust, as the amount of lending supplied to small business bank account holders has actually declined for nine months out of the past twelve.

Small business bank accounts holding their own online

Small business bank account customers are fighting the good fight over the internet when it comes with competing with larger companies, one recent survey reported.

Small business bank accounts locked in capital battle

Research indicates that small business bank account holders have been locked in a battle to secure working capital, with the end result being lost opportunities for business growth.

ICAEW recommends credit cards for small businesses

Small business bank account holders should consider using credit cards in order to pay for their day to day outgoings and purchases, one accountants industry body recently recommended.

Small business bank accounts to receive aid from new scheme

Small business bank account holders will soon be receiving aid from a new credit easing scheme, according to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement.

Small business bank accounts not getting enough business loans

According to new data recently unveiled by the Bank of England, small business bank accounts are still not getting the business loans they need, even though High Street banks have agreed to do so under the Government’s ‘Project Merlin’ scheme.

BoE director says SMEs need more business loans

Small business bank account holders need better access to credit, according to one Bank of England official, urging business loan regulations to be loosened.

BoE regional agents warn small firms avoiding their banks

Regional agents for the Bank of England have warned that small business bank account holders have been avoiding their financial services providers due to fears their existing facilities will be renegotiated or withdrawn.

Business loan margins too high, say small businesses in UK

The majority of small business bank account holders in the UK feel that business loan margins as set by their banks are too high, according to a recently published research study.

Small business bank account holders lack credit awareness

According to research recently conducted by Experian, many small business bank account holders are severely lacking when it comes to credit awareness.