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Brits feel their homes safer than savings accounts

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme recently reported that one out of every ten Brits feel that keeping their money stashed in their homes is safer than depositing it in savings accounts, resulting with more than £5.6 billion stuffed in jam jars and under mattresses.

Business bank accounts face tightened bank lending

Holders of UK business bank accounts had a rough go of it last month, with bank lending conditions tightening, experts say.

Number of Barclays complaints on the decline, bank reports

One major high street provider of personal and business bank accounts recently reported that the annual number of complaints made against it last year is significantly reduced from its 2010 complaints figures.

UK banks cut interest rates on their fixed rate bonds

Providers of personal and business bank accounts in the UK seem to have chosen this week to reduce the rates of return on their fixed rate bonds, industry experts recently reported.

Inflation rate drops to 3.6 per cent, savers rejoice

Savers finally have a reason to celebrate, as the announcement that the consumer prices index has dropped to 3.6 per cent last month means that, for the first time in a long time, many savings accounts are actually offering real gains in their interest rates.

Cheshire BS grabs best buy cash ISA spot

Nationwide subsidiary Cheshire Building Society has recently grabbed the top cash ISA spot with its new 3.06 per cent interest rate best buy in the opening salvo of the ISA wars that rage every spring, experts say.

Sir Richard: Virgin Money to spark High Street revolution

Now that it’s the owner and operator of the Northern Rock retail branch network, Virgin Money will spark a High Street banking revolution.

Dormant business bank accounts mined for Big Society initiative

Dormant personal and business bank accounts are set to be mined for funds through the ‘Big Society’ initiative implemented by the Government, industry experts recently reported.

HSBC to sell Japan private banking business to Credit Suisse

HSBC has decided to enter into an agreement to sell its Japanese private banking business to Credit Suisse, it was recently announced.