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High Street not responding to customers, upstart banks do

Here’s a riddle for you: why stick with a High Street bank that’s not meeting your needs whilst upstart banking providers are running circles around them?

Banking customers avail themselves of new & existing options

Personal and business bank account customers seem to be availing themselves of new and existing options in greater numbers than in the past.

British banks create international issues for customers

UK personal and business bank account providers have been recently creating issues for its customers on both an international and multicultural level.

FCA investigates banking sector as complaints pile up

Hopes remain high that the Financial Conduct Authority can shake up the banking industry as more complaints against High Street banks keep piling up.

Savers less than enthusiastic about existing offerings

Personal and business bank account holders in the UK have grown dissatisfied with the savings accounts on offer from financial service providers at the moment.

Account switches bounce back near Scottish border

Much has been said about the relative success or failure of the new seven-day account switching programme, but it’s sure working well near the Scottish border.

1 million banking customers switch amidst fears of bank run

The new current account switching rules that went into effect nearly a year ago have attracted more than 1 million customers, but could a bank run be looming?

Complaints against banks on the rise, customers furious

The financial ombudsman released new figures concerning the worst banks in the UK in terms of number of complaints – and it’s clear customers have had enough.

British account holders jumping ship in droves

A mass exodus is happening in the personal and business bank account world, with account holders desperately looking for greener pastures wherever they can.

Good news for savers and current account holders alike

It’s a rare week when I don’t have anything to complain about, but here it is: whether you’ve got a savings account or a current account, things are looking up.

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