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More, but not enough, are switching current accounts

New data shows more Brits are switching their current accounts to different banking providers – but it’s still just a bare fraction of the total. According to the Current Account Switch Service, more than 309,000 customers availed themselves of the accelerated switching services during the first quarter of 2016. Out of that, nearly 125,000 of […]

FCA says bank customers victimised by costly current accounts

The Financial Conduct Authority says too many Brits are being tricked into signing up for costly, unnecessary current accounts. In fact, personal and business bank account holders have been protesting long and hard about all manner of abuses at the hands of bankers. The City watchdog released figures showing that these squeaky wheels have been […]

Small business bank accounts cyber-plundered

Small business bank account holders in the UK are under siege after a spate of cyberattacks have drained their coffers in a major assault.

Is your bank about to join the blockchain revolution?

Not long ago, most banking institutions poo-pooed Bitcoin. It’s now got its own Forex rate and the blockchain tech it’s built on is THE buzzword!

Banks give insurers a lesson in improving customer satisfaction

Banking sees a huge annual drop in people who rate their customer service as ‘bad’. For insurance, no change. What have banks done differently?

Challenger banks receive shot in the arm from Tory opposition

Labour has joined forces with the Challenger Banks to oppose the ‘punitive’ 8% levy imposed in the July budget, now forecast to raise £12bn

Challenger bank shows how lenders are very much open for business

OneSavings Bank has revised its annual forecast thanks to bullish progress in its first year on the Stock Exchange. Challenger banks are open for business!

Can the UK Become FinTech Global Central?

Global banking is in recovery, but unrest remains even in Germany and America. Is the time right for the UK to become Global FinTech Central?

RBS invites external advisers to investigate SME handling

Despite having a clean bill of health not so long ago and the FCA already investigating, RBS has invited external auditors to look into its SME arm.

Are UK banks running before they can walk?

The FIS PACE index survey has good and bad news for UK banks. We love digital banking, but want loyalty rewards and transparency. Can banks deliver?

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