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Nine banks fall in line, offer fee-free basic bank accounts

Nine British personal and business bank account providers have fallen in line with Treasury demands by offering fee-free basic bank accounts to Brits.

Barclays joins 21st century with new online banking tools

Welcome to the 21st century, Barclays customers: your bank now accepts cheque deposits via smartphone cameras. Just like most other non-Stone Age banks.

Banks to offer free basic accounts to customers

Chalk up a victory for the Government: banks have decided to comply with plans put forward to provide basic bank account access to Brits despite the cost.

Treasury waters down HMRC’s ability to rob bank accounts

The furore over the plan to let Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs to simply raid personal and business bank accounts has resulted in the Treasury stepping in.

Banks throw money at customers to entice them to switch

Smaller banks are willing to try anything to get customers to switch – including just throwing money at them in a bare-faced attempt at bribery.

Free current accounts need to go to foster competition?

In a world that seems to be completely upside-down, banks are saying that fee-free current accounts need to go… in order to foster more competition.

High Street banks in the crosshairs of new investigation

High Street banking providers have been singled out for a major new investigation into industry practices by the Competition & Markets Authority.

Brits get their bank accounts raided left and right

If you’ve got a few quid squirreled away in a savings account or current account, beware – there are plenty of people out there looking to get it from you.

High Street not responding to customers, upstart banks do

Here’s a riddle for you: why stick with a High Street bank that’s not meeting your needs whilst upstart banking providers are running circles around them?

Banking customers avail themselves of new & existing options

Personal and business bank account customers seem to be availing themselves of new and existing options in greater numbers than in the past.

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