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Will free accounts be a casualty of increased competition?

Competition betwixt High Street lenders and new upstarts is hotting up, which is good for consumers – but experts say that free accounts may be a casualty.

Be on the lookout for banking fraud

Criminals and fraudsters have begun to come out of the woodwork like mad lately, perpetrating crimes left and right that have left Brits penniless.

HMRC bank account raid “against Magna Carta?”

MPs have finally pulled out the big guns in retaliation against the taxman’s plan to raid personal and business bank accounts to punish debtors.

Banks give with one hand, take away with the other

Personal and business bank account providers do their best to keep their customers on their toes – even as some make their offerings better, others get worse.

Online banking makes your life easier – until it doesn’t

No one wants to spend all day in queue at their local branch in order to conduct their financial matters, but is online banking really all that helpful?

Attractive current accounts may be easier to switch to soon

Current accounts – which are rapidly replacing savings accounts as good deals – might be even easier to switch to in the very near future.

Tesco jumps into the fray, banks strike back with new deals

This week saw Tesco Bank throwing its hat in the ring officially with its new current account offering, prompting banks to step up their game in other areas.

Two weeks until doomsday: the great UK bank account hack

So here’s one that you should be seriously concerned about: you could have only two weeks before Russian hackers empty your personal or business bank accounts.

Savers leaving banks for mutuals – will it be enough?

The mass exodus from High Street banks has begun, and the nation’s mutuals and building societies are benefiting – but possible disaster looms on the horizon.

Banking fraud rears its ugly head quite literally everywhere

Better keep your cheque books close – new reports this week have revealed that not only is banking fraud growing in volume it’s also cropping up everywhere.

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