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British account holders jumping ship in droves

A mass exodus is happening in the personal and business bank account world, with account holders desperately looking for greener pastures wherever they can.

Good news for savers and current account holders alike

It’s a rare week when I don’t have anything to complain about, but here it is: whether you’ve got a savings account or a current account, things are looking up.

Accusations of racism emerge amidst account closures

A major personal and business bank account provider in the UK stands accused of racially profiling its customers when it comes to account closures.

Losers emerge in the wake of current account switching

The writing is definitely on the wall for some banks after the new current account switching rules have gone into effect, and the common scrawled word is loser.

This week it seems HMRC can do absolutely nothing right

Each week there are winners and losers when it comes to public opinion in the financial services sector – and this week HSBC has lost in a major way.

Will free accounts be a casualty of increased competition?

Competition betwixt High Street lenders and new upstarts is hotting up, which is good for consumers – but experts say that free accounts may be a casualty.

Be on the lookout for banking fraud

Criminals and fraudsters have begun to come out of the woodwork like mad lately, perpetrating crimes left and right that have left Brits penniless.

HMRC bank account raid “against Magna Carta?”

MPs have finally pulled out the big guns in retaliation against the taxman’s plan to raid personal and business bank accounts to punish debtors.

Banks give with one hand, take away with the other

Personal and business bank account providers do their best to keep their customers on their toes – even as some make their offerings better, others get worse.

Online banking makes your life easier – until it doesn’t

No one wants to spend all day in queue at their local branch in order to conduct their financial matters, but is online banking really all that helpful?

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