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Be thankful you even have a current account to switch

So it’s been some six months since the new current account switching rules have gone into practice, and they’ve yielded decidedly mediocre results.

Massive number of bankless Brits may see respite in future

Two bits of interesting news this week: first of all, there’s literally millions of Brits who don’t have bank accounts – but this could change very soon indeed.

Competition hots up betwixt High Street banking institutions

Personal and business bank account holders finally have something to cheer about as a new era of competition dawns betwixt British banks.

Surprise, surprise: everyone wants your money

You might not think it’s particularly groundbreaking to learn everyone wants your money, but now even more of it is set to flow away from you in the future.

Government helps banking customers – and hurts them too

In one fell swoop, the Government has managed to both help countless banking customers whilst also alienating them at the same time – a remarkable feat indeed.

New current accounts hit the market, shake up competitors

This week was a big one for anyone looking for a current account, as not one but two banks have shaken up their rivals with some very specific offerings.

Are Britain’s banks declaring war on their customers?

This week it seems that the news cycle is filled with nothing but stories of personal and business bank account providers waging war on their own customers.

Mobile banking fraud on the rise, experts warn

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, new reports this week have emerged concerning the impact mobile banking fraud is having currently.

Barclays has terrible track record in hiring fraudsters

This week saw the unbelievable revelation that not one but two Barclays employees – at different branches – have been involved in some major fraud scandals.

RBS, Barclays unsurprisingly caught up in more trouble

Some days it doesn’t rain but it pours – and if you’re either Royal Bank of Scotland or Barclays this week you know that feeling all too well.

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